A security certificate allows the encryption of data between an internet browser and an internet hosting server.  Our SSL certificates enable up to 256-bit encryption and can be used to secure servers used to prevent Internet pirates form collecting any information exchanged the visitor’s browser and the Web server.  You wish to allow credit card transactions on your transactional web site?  An SSL certificate is indispensable in order to ensure the protection of your visitors’ data.

We offer several types of certificates in partnership with Geotrust, one of the leaders in Internet security. These Geotrust certificates allow encryption according to the highest standards of the industry.  As you can see in the comparative table below, our prices are very competitive.

SSL; Secure Sockets Layer; a security protocol for Internet browsers developed by Netscape Communication Corporation.

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QuickSSL® Premium
True BusinessID®
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SSL 256-bit encryption
SSL 256-bit encryption
SSL 256-bit encryption
Suggested retail price: 300$
Suggested retail price: 350$
Suggested retail price: 450$
Our price : 200$
Our price: 250$
Our price: 350$