Through this service, you can store your backups, externally and securely on the storage space we allocated for you.  By taking your backups on our servers you are protected from physical problems, such as; theft, vandalism, hardware failures, etc.  Your data are kept in full confidentiality and will only be accessible to you trough a secured access.

We developed this service in response to requests form some of our customers who also use it to; store « MS Power Point » type presentations to ensure availability during customer presentations, to transfer data or files form an environment to another (form office to home), for email as temporary storage for large files (rather than sending multiple copies) and of course as a safe backup of your important information (that you can reach at any time from anywhere an Internet connection is available).

A USB key that you cannot loose, moreover that cannot be stolen or copied!

The pricing is based on allocated disk space.  Starting for as little as 10$/month, contact us for a quote or if you like more information.